Friday, August 7, 2009

Quit (Haiku)

I was walking home from an open mic, and I thought of a little haiku. I was proud of it. I wrote it down, I drew a little star next to every line, I gave myself a little pat on the back. Then, I went to another open mic (Dirty Little Secrets @ The Red Room, hosted by Dulce Deseos) and recited it. Right afterwords, a female artist (painter, I forgot her name) came with a response. She tried to FINISH ME... Needless to say, that made me fall in love with this haiku..."And it goes a little something like this"... were....beautiful/
Until I saw you smoking/
That shit is not cute/

See, not so bad, right? It should be inspirational. It should be motivational. I'm not trying to diss you. I'm tryna uplift you lol. No one should smoke, really. So, a woman can say the same, exact thing without changing one word. But I'll say this joint every chance I get. QUIT!


  1. LOL. Ur truly something, YC. Nah, but its a dope haiku. I'm feeling it. And yes, if u smoke...please quit! Second hand smoke is extremely bad for the lungs...oh, and cigarettes kill the people who smoke 'em, too. And her name is Layla - the painter. She's an all around dope gal. Anyway, am I the first person to comment ur blog? Well...ur welcome, no need to thank me. Dope pic, by the way. Outty.

  2. Love the plug for my show :-) Should I be expecting another haiku on Sunday? I should write my own set lol.

  3. Ha! are the first, thank you. How do you know who I was talking about? Oh're still have mad love for Layla, even though she tried to rip my head off :-)

  4. @Dulce Possibly...I may be the haiku guy. I'd play that role rather well...Its a lost art nowadays. I wish most people's songs were haiku length. lol

  5. Never said I was psychic. Just Super Duper Dope. I know Layla- she's a very good friend. And I know Rosanny, and knew that Layla would be there that day doing a live painting. DUH!