Friday, August 7, 2009

Chris Brown (Michael Jackson Tribute)

This is exactly what should've went down at the BET Awards...but people are so opinionated about ish they obviously don't know the details about...but, thats another post entirely...
I have never, I mean NEVER, seen a better Moonwalk by someone not named Michael Jackson...


  1. don't know the details about him smacking a chick up?

    he's not even that great at doing Michael though. I never thought he was.

    Besides, he did this two years ago at the VMA's.

  2. We've spoke about this incident already know the deal. But, that joint at the VMA's was an instant classic. And that moonwalk was amazing. He even put his own little spin on it with the arms.

  3. yeah, yeah, yeah. It was good. I'm not taking anything away from this man.

    lol, let's not get into another argument about Chris Brown headbutting chicks.

    Don't break my balls.


  4. You think you slick lol...always slipping in some last comment mess lol. ("headbutting chicks")...not on my blog...I get the last word lol. Theres no 140 character limit holding me back.

  5. lmfao!

    I didn't think you'd catch that. Very good, young grasshopper.

  6. C' should know better by now. I catch everything...Now, whether it warrants a comment is a different story...

  7. haha.

    alright, alright. My smart ass comments makes the world go round.