Monday, December 21, 2009

Say Superman!

First Single...EVER! lol. This is off the You're Welcome mixtape, coming in January! GYEAH!

YC The Cynic- "Say Superman"

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, today...I'm finally leaving NYC for a bit, to perform with the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective fam. Here's a few words/details from Rodstarz of Rebel Diaz.

"On the weekend of Nov. 19th-22nd, a 10-12 person delegation from the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective will be leaving The Bronx on a road trip. We will take our culture of Hip Hop and Resistance and join thousands of others in solidarity as we protest the criminal and terrorist School of the Fort Benning, Georgia.
Rebel Diaz along with the Indigo Girls will be headlining 2 concerts. 1 at the rally during the day and another inside a convention center later that evening. The Convention Center show will also feature YC the Cynic and John Mega.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Brown Bag Thursdays!

This show's going to be dope. No, ill. Nah, crazy. I already know the homie Majesty, Sara Kana, and Daniel Joseph are going to rip it, and I'm excited to see INT, GNP and Pistol, and Sinnagi. Come thru if you're in the New York area.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Inspiration to GO!

This is a must see. Everyone I deal with must believe in this. Will Smith seems so convinced about his theories, that its almost weird. And I respect that! And, since I've realized how tough it is to do the daily blog thing, I'm glad to have this at the top of the page.
Shouts to John Mega for putting me on to this video.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Say Superman! *SUPERMAN*

Peep my performance at the VooDoo Lounge...Highlights include the cursing at the very beginning, somebody yelling "I want Zena" after the Power Rangers line", and the "thats my dawg" at the end lmao!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Right In The Kissah

Two Words. Fuego...SAUCE
If this song doesn't get these cats more recognition, someone is doing something wrong.
Blac Dinero ft. J Monopoly

Download the song HERE

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009


This song was stuck in my head all day today...
Lyrics Included...for you super sickos

Joystick Madness (Music Video)

They say you are only as good as the people you train with. That being said, Wordspit is the homie. He's beastly, freestyle and written. He's mad humble and takes his craft seriously. I co-sign just about everything this cat does. So, here is his brand new Street Fighter inspired video...JoyStick Madness! Directed by Naheem Adio (another very dope individual and friend of mine)..SUPPORT!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Walking The Walk...Talking The Talk

Picture The Homeless Rally in Harlem

This was amazing man. I felt good marching and performing with my people, even if we made the handclap a little too fast haha. Shouts to Rebel Diaz, Hipnotic, Mark Bucannons, John Mega, and everyone that was there...PEACE!

Sleeping Pattern (Quick Fix)

Man, my sleeping pattern is all flucked up. I never go to sleep before 3am, and I can't remember the last time I've seen the clock on 6-11am. 12pm is a rarity too. So, when I found this article (via @TastyKeish on Twitter) I was all ears (eyes?) . This says something like, animals design their sleeping patterns to wake up when food is available. So, if you go without eating for about 16 hours...the next time you eat is when you're more likely to wake up in the days following. This is also a way to lessen the effects of jet lag. It was definitely worth reading. Check it out, if you have the time.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Chris Brown (Michael Jackson Tribute)

This is exactly what should've went down at the BET Awards...but people are so opinionated about ish they obviously don't know the details about...but, thats another post entirely...
I have never, I mean NEVER, seen a better Moonwalk by someone not named Michael Jackson...

Photos And Logos

Being the disgustingly humble guy that I am, I feel like I owe these people everything for helping me out, with things I could have never done on my own. So, hopefully they get the recognition they deserve for this...

A lot of the pictures you have seen, and will see were done by Foli Creppy.
I met this guy in High School, and I've never known he had this much talent in photography.

The logo that you see/have seen was done by Jay Myth, or Jose Rivera, a talented graphic designer and up and coming emcee.

The logo that is my background on Myspace and Twitter (follow was done by another talented graphic designer and up and coming emcee/producer Terrence Davis.

So once again...Thank You...and if anyone wants to reach any of them (which I highly encourage), hit me up and I'll give you the info.

Take It EASY!

If someone said Lauryn Hill was in their top 5...I wouldn't argue.

Fur In My Cap (Video)

This is dope. Period. Whether you like light-hearted music or not, homie can rhyme, and I've never seen a video like this.

Quit (Haiku)

I was walking home from an open mic, and I thought of a little haiku. I was proud of it. I wrote it down, I drew a little star next to every line, I gave myself a little pat on the back. Then, I went to another open mic (Dirty Little Secrets @ The Red Room, hosted by Dulce Deseos) and recited it. Right afterwords, a female artist (painter, I forgot her name) came with a response. She tried to FINISH ME... Needless to say, that made me fall in love with this haiku..."And it goes a little something like this"... were....beautiful/
Until I saw you smoking/
That shit is not cute/

See, not so bad, right? It should be inspirational. It should be motivational. I'm not trying to diss you. I'm tryna uplift you lol. No one should smoke, really. So, a woman can say the same, exact thing without changing one word. But I'll say this joint every chance I get. QUIT!

Hi...My Names YC

First post...Hmmm. A lot of people ask what YC stands for...Its none of your damn business! ...I'm gonna have on here...which means you're probably going to have fun on stay tuned. Peace.